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Welcome to!  Over the past few years through various trips in the great outdoors and many vacations where I’ve had to use inflatable air mattresses, I’ve found a great love for these beds.  Air best air mattressmattresses have quite a few different benefits compared to ust a regular mattress.  The benefit of incredible mobility is far superior than mattresses and you don’t sacrifice comfort for this mobility.  Along with this, there have been a few medical studies that have shown that air mattresses can actually be good for your back if you have back problems, and can improve your posture.
Even with all these benefits, the price of these beds hasn’t been compromised.  You can get a the best air mattress for under $150.  Compared to a quality mattress, that is a steal!  I’ve been through the whole ordeal of looking for air mattresses and purchasing one, and it can be a hassle.  There are quite a few different brandsBut, don’t worry it’s worth i’ll help you through it!

What is the Best Air Mattress for Your Needs?

So obviously with this topic there is a huge amount of material.  On this page I’ll be breaking it up into a quick and easy comparison guide which you can just take a few minutes to find the clear cut answer to what your looking for.  But if you are looking for a more indepth answer then after the comparison chart I’ll be going into detail on how you can be sure that you made the right decision.

Air Mattress Comparison Chart

Air MattressSizeRaised?Pump?PriceRating
Sound Asleep Dream Series
Best air mattress
Insta Raised Bed
Air Mattress Reviews
Lightspeed Outdoors
Air Mattress

Aerobed Classic
Best Air Bed
Smart Air Beds BD-91
air bed

Intex Twin Pillow Raised
best air mattresses
Aerobed Premier
Mattress Reviews
Coleman Double High
air bed reviews
Constant Comfort
air beds

Intex Supreme
best air beds

Comparison Chart Key:

Size: The Size of the Bed According to Standards

Raised: Whether the Bed is Raised Off The Ground or Not

Pump: Whether the Air Bed Has a Built in Pump or Not

Price: Since our prices are based off of’s prices and these prices are fluctuating daily I can’t list them with an exact price.  So instead I have labeled them with “$”.  The more “$” there are, the more it costs.

Rating: This is the Average Rating from

Now that you have looked at the quick option, here comes the indepth option.

What you need to consider!

  • The Pump Type:

The decision on what type of pump you want can be difficult.  Whether you want to to make your decision based on cost or on convenience you should do your research.  The two main types of pumps are built in pumps and external pumps.  If you are looking for cheaper options, I suggest you take a look at my reviews of external pumps.

  • Bed Size:

As with regular mattresses, air beds have standard sizes.  These sizes generally range from twin, queen and king with sizes ranging accordingly.  This is one of the only subjects that I don’t have too much input on.  Obviously the bigger the size the more space you have to sleep on, so keep that in mind.

  • Raised or Low-Profile:

Having a raised bed vs a low-profile one is kind of like bed size, it is largely opinion based.  A low-profile may be better for someone who has kids that will sleep on it, as if they fall off during the night it can be painful if they are multiple feet up with a raised profile.

  • Brand:

Just like every other product in the world, there are quite a few different air mattress brands.  Along with this, they each have their own specialties, and they each have their own downfalls.  I have tried quite a few of these brands and I do like most of them.  I think that research is definitely a great thing to do, and that’s why I will try to give my honest opinion on each of these brands so that you can get a better idea on which might be the best for yourself.

My Reviews and Picks

The Best Air Mattress 2015:

Now you may say this is a hard question to give a definite answer on, but I feel that nearly everyone will be satisfied with my answer.  This mattress is the most durable and comfortable bed i’ve been on.  I definitely will recommend this to any of my friends and to any of my visitors.  It is hard to find a complaint for this one.  It is the perfect piece of sleeping furniture for you to put in a spare room or for you to take with you as you go on vacation.

The Best King Air Mattress:

Things can get a little confusing when you start trying to find a specific size.  Some companies only create certain products in certain sizes so you need to do research on what size pertains to what.  There are quite a few excellent choices for king air mattresses. Obviously everyones sleeping habits are slightly different so my number one choice can definitely vary from someone else’s number one choice.  The point being, although I can tell you a great king air mattress, but I can’t tell you that this is the best one for you, but it’s definitely worth a look!

The Best Air Mattress For Camping:

When you are someone that spends as much time as me outdoors, you start to regret sleeping on the cold hard ground so much when you are out in a tent.  The years of sleeping on the dirt really did a toll on my back, but now I really don’t have to.  Every since last summer, I was introduced to something that changed my camping experience.  I was introduced to a camping air mattress by a friend, and they have greatly improved my camping experiences ever since.  These mattresses are easy to set up, you just lay them down and use a pump and you are ready for bed!

Generally these air beds are small enough to fit inside a tent so you are still out of the elements.  This makes it great for those weekend trips to the great outdoors as you won’t break your back during the trip!

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Truck Bed Air Mattress:

Have you heard of the old thing saying that you should spend time outdoors?  Along with this, have you ever thought about laying in the back of your pickup and just staring at the stars on a clear night?  This is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life, especially with a significant other.  I have done this quite a few times in my life and it is really something that is life changing.  I used to pack the back of my pickup truck with blankets and we would go out to an open field.  But now, the game has changed!  Earlier this year I found out about a truck bed air mattress.  These are air mattresses that you place in the truck bed and then from there you fill it up and it is formed to fit perfectly in the truck bed.  There are quite a few different truck bed sizes, and thankfully these air mattress for truck bed are made to fit every different truck bed dimensions available!

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Need a Toddler Air Mattress?

When I was first learning about air mattresses, I never really knew that there were so many different types of air mattresses.  As I have explained before, there are different sizes as in twin, queen, king, but along with these, there is a specific size for toddlers.  At first thought I assumed this was a strange thing to have an air mattress specifically designed for a toddler, but the more I think about it, maybe it is a good idea.

If you a young child, then this is something you should definitely consider if you travel with the kids a lot.    When dealing with regular air beds the smallest size is a twin, but if you have a forty pound child then even this could be a huge bed.  That’s why these beds are designed for toddlers and children that are under fifty pounds.

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Air Mattress With Frame

As anyone who has a basic understanding of an air mattress knows, the idea of an air mattress is to be light, comfortable and easy to set up.  But then how does an air mattress with frame fit into this equation?  If an air mattress is supposed to be easy to set up and light weight, then how can it have a frame attached to it?

Well I did some research, and I even bought my own just to be sure.  Essentially an air mattress with frame is an air mattress that sits on a pair of legs so to speak.  These will keep you elevated off the ground to give you the sense of having a bed, but also the feeling of an air bed.  I think this is a great investment for anyone that wants an air mattress but doesn’t want to feel like they’re laying on the floor.

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The Best Air Mattress For Guests!

Are you entertaining for the weekend?  Along with this, are you struggling to find the space to sleep all these new guests?  Well I recently had the same problem as I was living in a small apartment and had my two good friends coming to visit, and my apartment definitely didn’t have two extra beds to spare for my friends.

But I took some time, and researched air beds at Intex, and Aerobed, and I found some great finds!  I found out that there are air mattresses that literally are as good as beds.  Along with that, they can be easily set up and moved to situate your guests for the weekend!  These will make your entertaining that much easier!

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The Insta Bed!

The brand Insta has been around for quite a long time, and it had been sold quite frequently at  These Insta bed’s have been the market leaders, mainly because of their pure quality and just because how great of a product they are!  Insta had a huge array of different beds, with many different sizes and many different comfort levels.

I like Insta because of their durability and also their functionality.  They have beds that are great for single people, and they also have larger ones which can be used for a permanent bed for a couple!  I made the post below to really go into detail on how I think about this brand, and I thoroughly suggest you check it out!

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King Air Mattress Review

When you are a kid, you can pretty much sleep on whatever surface you want.  But as you get older and bigger, then you might need to upgrade to something a little bigger.  I had this problem when I was testing out air beds.  There were quite a few that were very comfortable, but they were just so small that it made it hard for me to fully fall asleep with them.  But, lucky I found a solution for this.

After getting this brought to my attention by one of my good friends, I finally purchased a king air mattress.  I was very excited by the thought of something that would be so big, and hopefully comfortable.  Well after giving it a few tries, I can truly recommend this product for anyone that wants something a little bigger.  The post below is my fully review on this product, and you need to check this out!

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